Saturday, 28 October 2017

J.F.K. assasination

My three books are meant to illuminate the fact that our society, the 'real world', has been imagined into existence by the ancient legacy systems of our brain. I call this the monkey part of our brain.

If we put some effort into training our inner monkey, then the human portions of our brain could easily imagine a civilisation into existence.

We all know what a society is, we live in one. Few of us can imagine anything else.

A civilisation is, in my opinion, how we naturally organise ourselves.

The J.F.K assassination is a huge event. It could have easily resulted in the shattering of society and the birth of an actual human civilisation. It still could.

Those who benefit most from our society would not enjoy such wealth, power and privilege in a civilisation. Hence why they fought and fight so hard to keep their ill gotten gains.

In a society, we form a very wide based pyramid with power and wealth controlled at the top. A civilisation is more like a pancake.

In society, the average man has little to no power.
In a civilisation, no-one exceeds his power.

In a society, good ideas need support from the relevant professional bodies.

In a civilisation, good ideas are embraced and developed by those who choose to.

Free will and choice are the foundations of a civilisation.
Society is based on the fears of our inner monkey.

With J.F.K. we realise that those in power did their best to promote the idea that they were still in power. They had to demonstrate their value to us. In truth, they provide no value. They merely take from us whatever they feel can. Fully believing their entitlement to our wealth. In truth they perpetuate themselves by preventing the human race becoming a human civilisation.

They will fail or drag us all into Hell.

They will fail. God is not on their side.
They will fail. They will fail spectacularly. Our bones will remember their failure.

They will fail. Free yourself from their fraud and coercive force, or you risk failing with them.

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