Thursday, 12 April 2018

Am I a sociopath?

Hello there. I have been wondering about what it is I am. I mean, I know exactly what I am. I have been wondering what label 'society' would give me if I was honest enough to reveal my true self to 'society'.

Anyway, I chose to reveal exactly what I was in a post about ageing on my critical thought blog. I even mention that I am a sigma on a post about sigma's.

If you don't know what a sigma is read the blog about sigma's and watch the videos. Do some research. Although sigma is a word that I enjoy, another word describing the same thing is sociopath. I recommend watching 'Law Abiding Citizen'. The alpha male is the lawyer married to a beta wife. The sigma / sociopath is the one who is very capable and powerful.

I thought it interesting to research people who are perhaps sigma / sociopath and discovered that non-sigma wanted to know who was the most powerful, an alpha male or a sigma. The second question is easily answered if reworded slightly. Who is the most powerful, an alpha male or a sociopath?

So, when is a sigma a sociopath and when is a sociopath a sigma? Again, easy. If you are helping society, you are a sigma. If you would rather not, then you are a sociopath.

Now, it is easy to determine what I am. I wish to assist society to dissolve quietly and a civilisation rise up organically in its place. Remembering now that a society is populated by alpha and beta members of public and a civilisation is made up of human beings. Again, you can reword that to say a civilisation is populated by sociopaths and things look and feel different yet again. I would say that a civilisation is mainly made up of sigmas, ensuring the continuance of the civilisation.

If anything this post gives you a greater insight into the use of words. A simple change of word dramatically alters content.

Will I go with sigma or sociopath for the rest of this post? Whichever I use you will 'see' or 'read' whichever word you want anyway. I am going to go with sociopath.

As a sociopath, I truly feel, know or understand that I am actually a human being. If I was enslaved to society, I would be a member of the public. Which is just an alpha or beta in the dominance hierarchy. I laugh as I write this. At myself and not you. I can be alpha or beta at will, or rather make you believe that I am one or the other depending upon how I wish to manipulate you. Not forgetting that sociopaths are very capable beings.

At this point if you are nodding along with my statements, then you are most likely sigma / sociopath. If you are enraged then you aren't.

Anyway, who else is a sociopath? I would say Wolverine. I cannot decide if James Bond is alpha or sigma, perhaps it depends upon how the actor is playing the role of 007? I am only absolutely convinced of the status of one other being, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, he was a text book sociopath. It takes one to know one. Which brings me to religion, more specifically Christianity. The Church does not want you agreeing with me about anything I write, ever. The Church does not want you considering the fact of the sociopathy of the sweet baby Jesus. Hence the Church tells you that Jesus is the divine Son of God and that you are a sinful creature.

I have revealed more of myself in this post than I expected. I have announced that I am a sociopath and brother of another sociopath, Jesus Christ.

What did society do to Jesus? As I recall you attached him to a cross to die slowly of dehydration. Not the ending Jesus had in mind when he tried to do as I do. Birth a civilisation. In other words bring about Heaven on Earth.

The major problems with society are the dominance hierarchy and the alpha beta split. Government (banking) and Church exist as 'society'. Without 'society' we are told, by Govt, banks and Church, it would be hell on earth. How about having Heaven on Earth in the form of a Human civilisation?

You may have no desire to be a sociopath. Fair enough. How about being a human being in a human civilisation? How about this for an idea? Let us replace the word ''sociopath' with the phrase 'friend of Jesus.'

How would you like to be a 'friend of Jesus' and help create Heaven on Earth in the form of a Human Civilisation? (Thus realising the vision of Jesus.)

How exactly could you become a 'friend of Jesus'?

I have written a very short and concise trilogy about it and a 120 post strong blog called critical thought. (Yes, yet another plug for my silly books.)

Am I a 'friend of Jesus'?

Yes I am.

Was this Jesus character a divine being or just a human being?

He was both, as am I. You are too.

Was Jesus a human being or son of God?

He was both, as am I. You are too.

Just for clarity, this post is framed within the context of my upbringing. I would be astonished if you did not have a 'Jesus' character in your culture. So, feel free to swap out the five letters J E S U S for whatever letters are most appropriate to your upbringing. Also, the three letters G O D might not be to your tastes either. This is not a problem. Please rewrite this post to fully take into account your own beliefs. Personally, as God is all around and everything, I prefer the word UNIVERSE.

Now 'society' will not like this post. 'Society' is just another name for the alpha beta split of human beings into members of 'society'. As a 'friend of Jesus' I will treat you as if you were also 'friends of Jesus'. How you treat me is your own affair.

If you found this post to be rather interesting, then we are as one.

You need believe not one word of it. You are free to believe whatever you will. As am I.