Friday, 27 January 2017


In a society, we get to vote every four years for a new Leader. This Leader is fully authorised to make decisions for us all.

I recently read that half of all Americans haven't the necessary savings (1400 dollars) to fix a broken arm. Now most of the world would be amazed at how expensive US healthcare is.

One of my Facebook friends has said that without Obamacare her father's three dollar a month prescription becomes a thousand dollars. Or in other words, he will be dead within eight months.

As you can imagine, a great many people are concerned with what Trump will do with Obamacare.

Well that is the best and worst of society in as few words as I am able.

A great many Americans will now be wasting their energy trying to get a different person in the Whitehouse. This energy, in my opinion, would be better invested in ourselves and each other.

Society is wasteful. Society is inefficient. Quite bold statements, easily proved. Spending other people's money is far easier than spending your own. How many of us have more security than an alarm and dead locks on their home? Yet, somehow our governments spend billions on weapons of mass destruction. The chances of a Russian infantry invasion are non existent. The chances of a home burglary are far higher.

Should most of us spontaneously revert to our natural state of human being, we would have no need of Obamacare, nuclear weapons, vast armies, millions of civil servants and presidents. Human beings are compassionate creatures. If someone needs medication to survive, how could any human being deprive them of it?

However, we live in a society. Trump decides. Is our only other choice to let Clinton decide? NO. NO. NO.

The incremental cost of manufacture of the drugs mentioned earlier will be a handful of dollars and easily affordable. What is a life and death problem in a society becomes a no brainer in a civilisation populated by human beings. Many groups of human beings would have decided healthcare and medication were important and spontaneously dedicated their lives to providing it. Many do now, within the limits of our society which is basically a cage, that is becoming increasingly visible to its members.

Perhaps a simple visual image will help?

Members of society have to run ever faster on the treadmill of life to maintain what they have.

A human being would acquire what was needed early in their life and then slow down.

Or some numbers.

Members of society will find their official retirement age will become higher than their expected life span.

Or some basic honesty.

A human being would struggle to imagine a more hopeless, pointless and cruel way of organising the world. Yet, we continue to run ever faster, row ever harder for less and less. Except for fear, rage and anger, which will increase until WWIII is accepted as utterly necessary.

What is war good for? Absolutely nothing.

What is society good for? Manufacturing fear, hate, anger, stress and anxiety.

What is a human civilisation good for? Creating limitless amounts of love, support and encouragement for everyone to be whatever it is that they truly are. Which is what they were born to be but heavily condtioned, by us all, not to be.

All in all, a member of society is just another brick in the wall. A human being is far more interesting.

This blog felt, to me, quite negative. Sorry. It was meant to be uplifting. I mentioned society too much but that is what we are familiar with. It is the starting point we have inherited and that's no one's fault. Not attempting to improve the world with our presence, now that would be our fault. Again no blame is necessary as we know no better and neither did our parents and grandparents. Obama promised us a change but only we can implement the change. Obama proved that, if nothing else. Trump will prove the same. As will the next one, even if it is Clinton, Saunders or even me. It really is up to us, individually.

I couldn't do any more than I am, even with a billion dollars.

George Soros has more than a billion dollars and  he continues to promote his idea of society. He will fail. Pursuing his vision of society has cost him a billion dollars this year, when the stock markets surprised him. Ultimately, he isn't doing himself or anyone else any good. He has utterly failed as a human being. Despite succeeding massively in this 'modern' society. The word bizarre is insufficient to describe the world today. We can, easily, do so much better.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Road rage

The UK is mainly empty. People are crammed into population centres in ever increasing densities, for whatever reasons, traffic densities are also quite high, especially during rush hours. Unfortunately, this increases the probability that other motorists will inconvenience us, perhaps often.

Now, members of society pay up to half their wages in taxes. Expectations are high that this money is spent wisely. Car adverts show wide roads with sweeping bends and no traffic. Expectations of such road systems are not met. The tax payer can easily feel anger or perhaps just a continual irritation. So, when another driver inconveniences them, this background rage can vent itself on the other driver.

A member of society can easily feel that they keep missing out on a great many things. Differing post codes get better or worse doctors. Better or worse schools. Better or worse social services. More or less police. More or less traffic. A tax payer, could find themselves enraged for almost any of this 'unfairness'.

The tax payer can be a winner or loser based upon simple government policy changes. A taxpayer would be correct in thinking that they are a victim of government policy. This victim mentality is very damaging A victim is powerless. Civilised human beings are not powerless victims, they are powerful. Changes in government policy always creates winners and losers. The winners are usually, government, big business and banks. The losers are nearly always the members of this bizarre society, often called the real world.

Road rage is therefore a member of society lashing out and what they feel is the problem, another motorist, whilst being completely unaware of the real culprit. Themselves.

A civilised human being accepts that they will be inconvenienced during a car journey. Or even walking in a busy shop or street. A civilised human being is aware that other people may well be upset, irritated, angry or scared. That they will make mistakes, errors and exercise poor judgement. None of this is a problem. Human beings are flawed.

A civilised human being has no expectations that their taxes will be spent exactly as they would like. A civilised human being does not expect good schools, good doctors, empty roads or not to be inconvenienced. A civilised human is pleased when another motorist is thoughtful. Whereas, a stressed executive in an Audi might think that they should never be inconvenienced by others.

Obviously, civilised human beings live on the same planet and are forced to obey the same rules. However, civilised human beings are more honest with themselves. A civilised human being is more authentic, happy and pleasure to spend time with.

At times, we are all civilised human beings despite living in a society. This means that we are all intrinsically civilised human beings. We just need to be ourselves. The new civilisation then materializes before our very eyes.

Things will change. Particularly, the large institutions. Everything will change. Society is no longer working as it once did. The recovery is weak to non existent. Society is simply dying. It could take fifty years so you could spend fifty years having your expectations continually ignored and your hopes crushed. Or simply stop having expectations.

A quick example. This evening I may expect my partner to cook dinner. If she does I simply eat it. If she does not, I could explode in rage.

Or, I don't expect her to cook. If she does, I appreciate the time and care she expended in preparing our evening meal. If she does not. I cook for her. Or we get a take out. Or we go out.

When you feel irritated, angry or displeased when someone inconveniences you, then you are not behaving like a civilised human being. You are behaving as society has conditioned you to behave. Unloving and uncaring. Either towards your children, parents, spouse, colleague, employee or boss.

A civilised human being behaves in a loving and caring manner to everybody. A community full of such beings is where I want to live. An office of such beings is where I want to work. Only one person is preventing that, me.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Be part of the human (rat) race or a new human civilisation?

Welcome to my new blog.

The last was about critical thought and my conclusions were, to me at least, very disturbing. I discovered / realised that our society was actually crushing our humanity.

In a single paragraph, I can now summarise around one hundred posts. 'Too big to fail' is just wishful thinking. Critical Thought brings the harsh reality that it is 'too big to live'. I was referring to both banks and government.

Our society is, currently, generally accepted to be flawed but the best we can manage. A few people know this to be nonsense. These people are living a far more fulfilling life, amongst us, but in an actual civilisation that nourishes their human spirit.

This blog is about my personal journey from a member of society, to a member of a civilisation.

This journey takes less than a heart beat but I do find myself reverting back to a member of society rather quickly.

A member of society generally accepts the way things are and makes their way through life as best they can. They react with annoyance and even anger towards those who inconvenience them. The list of inconveniences is beyond measure. Examples include Trump, Clinton, foreigners, banks, bosses, motorists, colleagues, spouses, parents and children. Also the weather, traffic, time and perhaps even God.

This is fine but a tremendous waste of the gift of life.

A civilised human being enjoys life and appreciates it. They also help others to become more civilised too. Inconveniences are accepted and perhaps taken as an opportunity to teach or learn. (Usually both.)

That is all there is to this new blog. I will provide examples, inspired by actual events but simplified and generalised to be more readily understood. I should, easily, be able to publish one example every Friday night, for the rest of the year. We shall see.

You may be having two simultaneous thoughts, if not more.

Why am I writing this?
It will help me reach my goal of being a true human being.

Why should you read any of this?
You will become a better lover, boss, colleague, driver, person and truly enjoy and appreciate your life and those who spend time with you. It will enrich your life beyond the current limits of your imagination. (No need to thank me.)

Critical Thought is a hard skill and not something everybody is comfortable with.

Becoming a civilised human being is a soft skill. Almost all can manage this.

Once you become a civilised human being, critical thought will become far easier.

Examples will follow, you all take great care of yourselves. Only when we are at our best are we able to take care of others with the love and care that they deserve.