Friday, 13 January 2017

Be part of the human (rat) race or a new human civilisation?

Welcome to my new blog.

The last was about critical thought and my conclusions were, to me at least, very disturbing. I discovered / realised that our society was actually crushing our humanity.

In a single paragraph, I can now summarise around one hundred posts. 'Too big to fail' is just wishful thinking. Critical Thought brings the harsh reality that it is 'too big to live'. I was referring to both banks and government.

Our society is, currently, generally accepted to be flawed but the best we can manage. A few people know this to be nonsense. These people are living a far more fulfilling life, amongst us, but in an actual civilisation that nourishes their human spirit.

This blog is about my personal journey from a member of society, to a member of a civilisation.

This journey takes less than a heart beat but I do find myself reverting back to a member of society rather quickly.

A member of society generally accepts the way things are and makes their way through life as best they can. They react with annoyance and even anger towards those who inconvenience them. The list of inconveniences is beyond measure. Examples include Trump, Clinton, foreigners, banks, bosses, motorists, colleagues, spouses, parents and children. Also the weather, traffic, time and perhaps even God.

This is fine but a tremendous waste of the gift of life.

A civilised human being enjoys life and appreciates it. They also help others to become more civilised too. Inconveniences are accepted and perhaps taken as an opportunity to teach or learn. (Usually both.)

That is all there is to this new blog. I will provide examples, inspired by actual events but simplified and generalised to be more readily understood. I should, easily, be able to publish one example every Friday night, for the rest of the year. We shall see.

You may be having two simultaneous thoughts, if not more.

Why am I writing this?
It will help me reach my goal of being a true human being.

Why should you read any of this?
You will become a better lover, boss, colleague, driver, person and truly enjoy and appreciate your life and those who spend time with you. It will enrich your life beyond the current limits of your imagination. (No need to thank me.)

Critical Thought is a hard skill and not something everybody is comfortable with.

Becoming a civilised human being is a soft skill. Almost all can manage this.

Once you become a civilised human being, critical thought will become far easier.

Examples will follow, you all take great care of yourselves. Only when we are at our best are we able to take care of others with the love and care that they deserve.