Friday, 27 October 2017

Be part of a Civilisation

The dawn of a new civilisation does not depend upon other people. It simply depends upon you, one person.

Practise being a civilised / Mindful Being and you will transform the world around you into Heaven on Earth.

A couple of stories.
I had just parked my car in a supermarket car park. I had noticed a gang of teenagers riding their bikes. One rode passed me, fairy aggressively and startled me. It was getting dark and my night vision is appalling. A civilised person may well have asked the young man to take more care. I didn't. I was verbally aggressive. He rode around in a circle, back to me and politely stated that there was no need for my aggression. After a brief pause, I agreed with him and apologised. I quickly explained that he had startled me. He then cycled away. One of his friends made a comment that i didn't much care for but I replied with good cheer. In this instance, the young man was behaving in a civilised manner with such potency that i felt unable to escalate the situation.

On facebook, one female friend had a similar incident. A car drove at speed, very close to her. She gestured and yelled. The car driver said he hadn't seen her and an independent witness called her a silly fat bitch. No sign of any civilised behaviour, except perhaps the motorist. A civilised person would have not worn dark clothing at night and demand, albeit subconsciously, that everyone else wears night vision goggles.

So, do your best to behave in a civilised manner and be amazed that you are able to transform those around you into civilised people too. Do this at work and you will transform your workplace too.

Comment below on your successes. Or for advice on your failures, should you need any.

You have no idea how powerful you will become, simply by evolving into a civilised human being.

Be seeing you