Sunday, 12 November 2017

There is no money in the entire financial system

The title is quite a bold one, I said it freely and without hesitation during a very long and interesting conversation. As I said it, I understood the truth of it. I stand by it. There is no money in the entire financial system.

This is not important, it is fundamental. It is the basis for our entire society. Once we realise this, the vacuum created by the collapse of society will be filled by the expansion of a great human civilisation.

Which is nice. The transition period need not be too vicious, it could be quite pleasant. However, without some critical thought by the masses, it is likely to be brutal rather than pleasant.

This is why I write three blogs and have written three very short, concise and powerful books. To guide individuals, especially me, and therefore humanity to an enlightened future without experiencing the unpleasantness of war, famine, disease and the brutality of survival.

So quite important then.

In 1970, there was 'money' in the financial system. A full one quarter of this 'money' was 'saved' for a rainy day. Currently, the financial system contains 16 times more 'bank credits' than exist in the 'real world'.

In 1970, one quarter of us could, theoretically, take one year off work, to spend all the 'savings'.

In 2018, all of us could take four years off work, in theory, to spend all the 'savings'. Obviously, at least to me, this is not actually possible. Something has seriously gone 'wrong'.

I could go on, for years. I believe an endeavour of that sort is called 'pissing into the wind'. Or you could read my blogs for free. Read my books, free quite often. Then talk to your family and friends, also free. Ultimately, we can all become free of this thing we call 'society' which is most certainly not how civilised mindful beings organise themselves.

The ones of you who know a little bit will smugly say that I am talking rubbish about gold. Gold being the thing we used in 1970 as 'money'. Now we use 'bank credits' as money. This difference is both crucial and insignificant. Gold imposed limits on the financial system. A well run financial system can impose limits upon itself without the need for any gold.

This post and the entire financial system is based solely on belief, as is this 'society'. Do you believe that the financial system is well run AND that without government there would be crime, rape and violence everywhere and humanity would charge straight back into the stone age? I know you do. That fear has created 'society' and that same fear will ignite World War Three. The same fear will ignite World War Four, that will apparently be fought with sticks and stones.

Our 'society' is based on and created by fear. Yet few accept the truth of this.

Can you imagine a civilisation based on creativity?

Choose one for our children and choose wisely, without fear.

Anyway, as ever, take care and be mindful of your thoughts

I could write a book about this one post. I would need staff and lots of 'bank credits'. It is something I am more than happy to do. For now, this brief post will have to suffice.