Friday, 3 March 2017

The chimp paradox

Hi, I am currently reading a book recommended and given personally to me by a management guru / consultant. Not his actual self proclaimed job title but the one I have given him.

First off, thanks, great book and a thoroughly interesting hour of conversation. His communication skills are formidable, as is his knowledge.

The book is by Prof Steve Peters and it is a great start to your personal journey of enlightenment. It's title is chimp management, the mind management. Great book. Potentially, it can help guide you to become a more successfully integrated member of society.

To stimulate your human brain I suggest a course of mindfulness where you practise 'self awareness' .

I suggest becoming more human by deliberately stimulating and using the human portion of your brain and becoming part of a human civilisation. Your choice.

(My ebook expands on the concepts introduced here.)

The final, mystery ingredient is Unconditionally Loving people which is not a skill members of society are instilled with. Read a couple of Greg Baer books, to use and develop this skill.

Finally, those who think love is weak, your are going to be astonished. Imagine a rocky beach with waves crashing onto the shore. The waves are violent, powerful and potentially dangerous. The waves represent our anger and aggression. Love, is represented by the tide. Far more powerful and significant. Just not as noisy or easily recognised.

PS I have written the book. It is an ebook available at Amazon. It is supported here

Just reading the thing is a small step. Understanding it is a quantum leap, as was writing it.

You take care