Saturday, 3 February 2018

Star Wars - a deeper understanding

First of all, good morning. I trust you are well.

Secondly, Star Wars isn't particularly special. George Lucas just gave his flourishes to a story that is ages old. An important story. He just wasn't the author.

The fact that we focus in on his flourishes more than the story says a great deal about us as a civilisation. The fact that we are not aware of the story being told, tells us that we are not civilised. We in general and not you as an individual. It is us collectively that we are not civilised.

Star Wars is the story about a birth of a civilisation, which failed. The Star Wars universe is not based upon a civilisation, it is based upon a society.

Remembering now that a society places institutions above an individual.

Knowing now that a civilisation places an individual above any and all institutions.

A significant but minor difference. It just needs an imperceptible change in focus.


You can live in a civilisation, should you wish to. Just realise the truth, you are more important than any institution. The institution is there to support you.

Should the institution fail to support you, then that institution has failed and not you.

That is all there is to it.

Take for example, my job and the company (of people) I choose to work with. My boss does not outrank me, neither does his or the legal owners of our business. We all have our areas of responsibility and accountability. We all have differing strengths and weaknesses. We are not all the same but we are all equally valid human beings. The company is civilised as are our customers. There are, of course, some notable exceptions. This is not a problem. They form two important functions. They are an example of how it was and give us an opportunity to either choose to practise 'loving' them or not. In order to develop ourselves, we ought to choose to practise 'loving' the 'unlovable' regularly.

The company I work with is there to support my chosen lifestyle, including the people I work with and how I carry out my work. Ultimately, work and leisure all lead to the same goal. Personal growth / enlightenment. You may call it 'happiness' or 'fulfilment' or reaching your potential. Whatever, these are simply labels.


Now in Star Wars, you have a vast complex social construct. It is not a civilisation as an individual only has the rights large institutions give him or her. You obey or you are classed as lawless. The Star Wars prophecy was that a Chosen One would restore order to the galaxy / restore balance to the force. Actually, this Chosen One was the catalyst for turning a huge society into a huge civilisation. Thus restoring order and balance.

That is a large piece of information for you to process. Take your time. There is no rush. Take four minutes or four years. It has taken me forty plus years. Allow your awareness to listen to your heart, mind and gut. Allow your awareness to use your eyes to see and your ears to listen. Learn to focus your awareness internally, perhaps on your breathing. Once well practised, your awareness can encompass a planet.

So what happened in Star Wars? Well, it is all about the 'Force'. The 'Force' was concentrated into two ideologically opposed groups. One was labelled good and the other evil. Or more accurately, light and dark. This was the mistake that the Chosen One needed to undo for a civilisation to be birthed. Basically, the Jedi order was destroyed by Palpatines order 66. All but a few Jedi were executed. Yoda survived at the cost of a great many Wookie lives. Obi Wan survived and a few others, for a time. The Chosen One, one of a pair of Sith, died shortly after killing his Sith Master. Simltaneously, the ruling Government was massively impaired with the War impoverishing many and wasting both resources and lives. At this point, a Civilisation could be birthed.

A Civilisation is birthed when one of two things occur.

  1. When two percent of the general population believe that they outrank any institution and instill that belief in 20% of the population
  2. When trust in institutions is destroyed by the recognition that the institutions have failed.
Now, the financial sector failed in 2008/2009 but nothing much came of it. Thus, via the power of perception or lack thereof, it was only seen to stumble. Birthing a civilisation is both incredibly difficult and remarkably easy. Remember the rule of two and twenty. 2% realise that they outrank any and all institutions and demonstrating that belief to 20%

To conclude my Star Wars narrative. Restoring balance to the 'Force' means not concentrating it into two opposing forces. It means distributing it throughout the galaxy. Not having two opposing ideas but billions of ideas. Anyone subscribing to the belief of two opposing forces is helping to birth a war, not a civilisation.


Instead of the word 'Force', we can bring the narrative into our own world with the use of the word 'Awareness'. I may act out of love or out of self defense. Others will perceive my actions to be good or evil. With enhanced 'awareness' I can readily align my intent, words and actions. With that alignment I am not only powerful but that power is realised, consciously or otherwise, by others.

Perception is the key word here. With our individual perceptions we create our own reality. For example, if you feel that you cannot say 'no' to your boss or partner, then that will become your reality. However, don't just say it. Wait, wait and wait until you mean it, then say it. Let the chips fall where they may. Ideally, you will choose to back up the word 'no' with love. However, you can always choose to back up the word 'no' with violence. In a civilisation, how we choose to act will colour the entirety of the civilisation. 

Good or evil is a nonsensical simplification. However, a person who more readily chooses violence over love could easily be considered as evil. They most likely aren't. They simply are not 'aware' enough to become civilised and not 'powerful' enough in their belief to bring out the civilised component in others.


The purpose of my three blogs and three books is to awaken your awareness, power and far more importantly (to me),  increase my own.

In this I have been successful and far more at ease with myself


Conclusion, those who associate with the Sith in Star Wars, crave power through destruction and creation of more controlling structures. Those who associate with Jedi, are unaware that they, add to this destruction and concentration of power. Both Sith and Jedi unbalance the 'Force' and sow the seeds of war and destruction. This is not good versus evil but utterly stupid, wasteful and exceedingly annoying. The Jedi and Sith are as bad as each other. The Jedi 'serve' others and Sith 'serve' themselves but the result is the same, war.

Balance is achieved by those who do not allow others (people and institutions) power over them. For balance, you first need awareness. Then you need to develop the moral courage to adhere to your chosen path. Accepting and being aware that you have both good and evil within yourself. When we do not accept that we have a slight streak of evil with us, we simply project that evil onto others. Therefore justifying our attacks upon them. (For examples, watch the news. Apparently we in the UK are not evil but Russians and Muslims are. How can we be unaware of this unbalance of reality / truth?)

There are those on this blue planet who, knowingly or unknowingly, have a Sith mindset. Perhaps only seeking (their law and) order. Like the Germans generally or specifically with the nazis. Some Governments have the appearance of a Sith Mindset. Other Governments believe themselves to be overflowing with good intentions, like Jedi. Which as I have attempted to demonstrate is no better and simply sets the stage for World Wars.


For the hard of understanding. You are a beautiful and creative being. You can choose how you react to others and to your immediate environment. You have a streak of evil within you that you may unleash whenever you choose. You also have an infinite capacity for love. As does everybody else.

My two rules

  1. Your power is your own and cannot be taken from you
  2. Be aware of your own and others potential for both love and violence

You always have a choice about how you react to any situation. You are not always aware that you do have a choice. 

The choice is simple, you may choose to react or not react. Should you choose to react, your choice is simple - react with love or react with hate. (Each has many different levels to choose from, choose wisely.)


My books are incredibly short but the understanding that they attempt to convey may take moments or decades to decipher. Regardless they are inexpensive. However, should you not have £6 (to waste on nonsense) then for valentines day the one book containing the entirety of the trilogy will be £1. The minimum amount Amazon will let me sell it for. I could make it free but I have chosen not to at this time. Perhaps I will make it free on December 25th, for those who find £1 to be a non-trivial amount.

You take care and have fun (not at the expense of others)