Saturday, 27 May 2017

The status quo - higher order thinking

Many believe that the next twenty or even forty years will mirror the last twenty or forty years. Economists and politicians are almost fanatical in their beliefs. These beliefs are merely wishful thinking. Since 1970 our standards of living have increased. We can thank Engineers for their massive contributions but most of the benefits have been consumed by government.

In this modern age men are expected to work forty hours a week for fifty years. This is not necessary. Each year, productivity is expected to increase. Again, this is not necessary. It is truly bizarre. Massive government requires this ever increasing effort to simply survive. As I wrote moments ago, this is truly bizarre.

Government has taken the credit for fifty years of technological advancement. It has also taken a vast amount of our wealth. Our standard of living ought to be far in excess of what it is. Government waste has destroyed most of our technological gains.

Governments think in very simple terms. They react with low order solutions to very high order problems. High order thought is not taught in schools or acknowledged in universities or government. In practical terms, lack of high order thought of solutions births unintended consequences. Those who are capable of higher order thinking see the unintended consequences as the true purpose of the original 'solutions'.

The basic idea that this post is attempting to illuminate is that the world view of most politicians, economists and the man in the street is simply wrong.

Our wealth, our standards of living are being crushed by people who truly believe that they can organise the lives of millions of people better than the people themselves.

Utter nonsense. A politician making decisions for sixty million people is an obscene joke. Trump making decisions for 339 million people is truly absurd. If a man makes a mistake, he is forced to accept the consequences. A politician, is not forced to accept anything. Utterly bizarre.

The point of this post is to illuminate the fact that politicians are intellectual children playing with the lives of millions of adults. Why do you believe that politicians are not deluded idiots when you know that they are?

Vote for yourself. Think for yourself. Accept responsibility for yourself.